Rainbows are popping up in people’s windows all over the world as signs of hope in these difficult times. Our talented Meri Meri designers have therefore created a fabulous rainbow streamer garland especially for you to make, to which you can add messages. We’ve also got lots of other fun rainbow ideas for you and your kids to enjoy.

Make A Rainbow Streamer Garland

Your kids will love to make this rainbow streamer garland to hang in their window. All you have to do is staple or glue colorful streamers around a curtain pole, then stick messages on top for passers-by to read - phrases like ‘Stay Safe’ and ‘Be Kind’.

Click here for our message printables, simply use as templates to cut out of colored paper, foiled card or print onto plain paper and your kids can have creative fun coloring them in.

Download message printables UK


6 Fun Rainbow Makes

Here are 6 other rainbow makes to brighten up everyone’s day.

1. Eat a rainbow.

Get your kids to wash and cut colourful fruit and veg and display in rows on a platter to create a rainbow snack for the whole family, or they can make a mini rainbow for themselves. Good choices are slices of kiwi fruit, oranges or carrots, strawberries or red pepper and purple grapes. Serve with little pots of dipping chocolate and hummus, to get both yummy savoury and sweet flavours.

2. Create a rainbow cake

A cake with lots of coloured layers will look really sensational. Perfect for a birthday party, or just to surprise your little people with a very fancy treat! Here’s a great recipe to try.

3. A rainbow of balloons

A very simple way to cheer your kids up, is to get them to blow up a variety of coloured balloons and place them around the house. The bobbing globes of colour will make everyone smile. You can also place them in the window, next to your streamers, for extra effect. Why not draw smiley, happy faces on them for a cheeky look?

4. Smash a rainbow piñata

Piñatas are a great game for the whole family – hang them outdoors or indoors. Get your kids to make a rainbow piñata and you can fill it with lots of candies. Check this make out or you can buy our delightful Rainbow Party Piñata 

5. Light up a rainbow

Kids love to make, and eat, cupcakes, and they can look really spectacular if you top each with a different coloured candle. Don’t wait for a birthday to blow out a candle and make a wish, make everyday special! You’ll love our Rainbow Dipped Tapered Candles, our Rainbow candle and our Shooting star candle with a bright rainbow tail

6. Dress like a rainbow

Add rainbows to clothing or hats for a fabulous look. Help your kids to sew these on with a mixture of embroidery thread. Or they can add a fabric patch, like our iron on glitter rainbow patch or rainbow and unicorn patches Or for imaginative fun they can transform with a rainbow costume, like our Rainbow Girl Dress Up