What Does Celebration Mean to You?

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a difficult year, and we are all in need of a celebration. This worldwide existential crisis has made us crave the warmth that celebration brings - family, friends, food, hugs, decorations! Despite lockdowns and social distancing we’ve been inspired by how Meri Meri customers are making the best of stay-at-home holidays.

To inspire your stay-at-home holiday Meri Meri has invited 12 top party planners, stylists, bakers and florists to show us what celebration means to them.  Follow us on Instagram 1-12 December to see how they’ve styled their at home celebrations.

Follow us on Instagram 1-12 December to see how they’ve styled their at home celebrations. Let's flood the Instagram with your images of joy and “safe” celebration! See details about our #MeriMeriCelebration competition below for a chance to win £50 gift voucher from Meri Meri.

12 Days of Celebration Inspiration

Day 1. Mindy Weiss, Wedding Planner


“Celebration! ...Wow it sparks so many emotions! The anticipation, the joy, the transition from normalcy to childlike excitement! I guess that’s why I have chosen my career to be one big CELEBRATION pretty much 24/7!”

Day 2. Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, Author and Lifestyle Expert


“We do our best to celebrate everything in our house!  To me, it means finding joy in the little things and making them special and it means showing gratitude on the big occasions.  It means smiles and festivities and taking a moment to make memories that will last a lifetime.”

Day 3.  Hazel Gardiner, Floral Designer


“Celebration to me means unabashed joy, abundant contentment and a big dollop of gratitude. For me this could be sharing a delicious meal with friends of family or a tiny moment such as a tulip I’ve planted finally emerging from the soil in Spring.”

Day 4. Emily Hertz, Style and Home Blogger


“To me celebration means adding whimsy and magical details at every turn, the more to discover, the better! I love imagining celebrations  through  the eyes of my daughter, Elle.”

Day 5. Alissa Bertrand, Fashion Designer and Founder of Jabella Fleur Girls


“Celebration to me means being able to show appreciation towards someone you love and care for to mark a special occasion, moment or time in one’s life, that you wish to cherish and share together, creating memories to last a lifetime.”

Day 6. Francesca Kletz, Creative Director of London’s first ever Freestyle Weaving Studio


“Celebration to me is always predominantly about food. I’m Jewish and every holiday revolves around what we’ll be cooking and more importantly, eating. This December is my first festive season as a married woman. My husband is not Jewish, so we are going full blown Christmukkah - hello Star of David tree topper, stockings and advent calendar, all of which I’ve never had before.”

Day 7. Nathalie Lété, Art and Craft Artist, working between Decoration and Fashion


“Celebration is for me an art to make the everyday life beautiful and special.  I love how in many countries and religions, people to install "an offering altar" in their home, to celebrate a special event or commemorate someone’s death, with their own means with natural or paper flowers, fruit, candles, pictures, symbolic objects… It is always a space of love and beauty, even in very simple houses.”

Day 8. Lily Jones, Baker and owner of Lily Vanilli Bakery


“Almost any excuse is cause for celebration -- I’m always celebrating, I love birthdays and helping other people celebrate. And I’m also always working on creating cakes for people who are celebrating so it’s a huge part of my day to day.”

Day 9. Royale Ziegler, Party Stylist


“Celebration means creating magical and memorable moments with loved ones! The decor is the most important element of a party to me! (No surprise there.) I always build an event’s design around a theme, which doesn’t have to be overt, and then try to do a take on it that hasn’t been seen before.”

Day 10. Kate Schelter, Stylist and Artist


“To me, celebration is about dressing up, setting the table, lipstick, intimate groups of excellent people. When I host a dinner party I like 4 guests, 8 max, at the dinner table to keep one conversation going. It’s intimate and relaxing. Anything larger splits into multiple, repetitive and competing conversations.”

Day 11. Edith Young, Multidisciplinary Designer and Photographer


“Celebration means pausing for a moment to be present, acknowledge an accomplishment or a milestone, and relish in the company of friends and family.”

Day 12. Kate Berry, Executive Creative Director, Domino Magazine


“Celebration means being with friends and family, sharing food and drinks with elements of joy and surprise.”

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