Kids just love to dress up, so make this a year where you pull out all the stops to create the most fantastic costumes. Here are our 4 top tips to help you get started.

1. Match the costume to your child’s personality

Instead of being a Halloween themed character, your little one might rather be dressed as a pretty princess, stylish swan or super hero! Ask them what costume would really make them look and feel sensational - and you’ll get your answer! You might also want to gently encourage them to choose one they’ll want to wear all year, so it makes a valuable addition to their dress up box.

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2. Less can be more!

Not everyone will want to dress up from top to toe. For some, just a few accessories are enough to get the effect they would like. Think Halloween hair slides and headbands, a stunning crown or a swishy cape.


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Check out our Halloween cape dress up set.

It features a black cape with a net lining which is stylishly embellished with pumpkins, stars and a shiny lightning bolt. It also comes with a glittered tasseled star wand for casting spells. Or they might just want to have a painted face. Go here for some fantastic Halloween face painting tips that even the most unartistic parents can do!

3. Make it a craft project

If your kids love to get creative, then why not help them make their own costumes? There is loads of inspiration online, like here and here. If you are taking your kids out at Halloween, then you might want to consider making a coronavirus face mask part of their costume. Check these choices out or you could draw or paint noses and mouths onto masks yourself.

4. Amazing Hairstyles

Let your little one’s hair be their crowning glory this Halloween. There are some classic hair styles associated with this thrilling time, like Wednesday Addam’s braids or you can stick some google eyes on a messy top knot to create a hairy monster look. Go here for more ideas.