Hi everyone! Celeste Wright here. My daughter Lila and I live in Pasadena, California and we are always looking for an excuse to play. Playtime was so important to me as a child that I am raising my daughter with the mentality of ‘what would I want if I were her age’. I loved playing with toys when I was a kid. I would take that over being outdoors anytime. My room was my favorite place, I found so much joy in my four walls. I curated Lila’s room to appease a part of me that wanted to create a dream version of my childhood bedroom. A place where she could dress-up, play with her dolls, and let her imagination run wild.


Imaginative Play 

The best part of playtime with my daughter is seeing her creativity come to life. I love seeing what she’s going to think of next and where the storyline goes. It also gives me a great insight into what is going on inside her head and how she sees the world. I have learned so much about my own daughter just by observing her during playtime. Imaginative play is so important for everyone and is a great way for them to learn and develop. Plus, it’s fun! So I join in whenever I can.


Cloth Dolls: A Girl’s Best Friend

When you think back to your childhood room, I almost guarantee your favorite doll will come to mind. I loved to play with my dolls when I was a kid and would have so much fun dressing them up in different outfits. I wanted Lila to have a very special doll to look back on, so when I found Meri Meri’s Cloth Dolls and discovered the Matilda Fabric Doll, I knew it was the perfect one. Plus there are many dress-up options available which makes it even more fun knowing that I can get her doll dress-up outfits to match Lila.

Here Lila has dressed her doll in the Flower Dolly Dress-Up Kit featuring a beautiful pink dress and floral headdress. What could be cuter? Check out the other gorgeous doll dress-up kit options from unicorns, to stars, to fairies. There’s even bedding and PJ options. Let them mix and match to whatever they fancy!

Girl’s Dress-Up Clothes

Little girl dress-up clothes can actually be incorporated into everyday outfits (not just for indoor play!) Add a little bit of magic to the day by simply putting one dress-up piece with your little one’s outfit. They’ll love wearing something glittery or sparkly to feel like a princess. Try something stand-out like a headpiece or maybe a glitter cape. It sparks their imagination even if you’re just out and about running errands. If they want to wear the princess crown why not let them do it? Get inspired by Meri Meri’s range of adorable costumes for kids. Here Lila wears the Confetti Tutu Dress-up Kit accompanied by the Gold Star Wand.

Childhood is such a fragile thing. It shapes who you are for the rest of your life and you will look back on it later to see how certain events shaped you. I want my daughter to look back and know that her mom loved her and was always there to encourage her imagination. How do you inspire your little ones to enjoy imaginative play?