Little people adore soft animal toys, especially big ones they can hug. That’s why we’re so excited to tell you about Cosmo octopus. He’s big in size and character, and is a fantastic new addition to our organic knitted cotton toy family. Cosmo fits in perfectly with our Under the Sea range and makes a fabulous gift for any child, particularly those who like amazing ocean creatures.

The backstory

After much pacing of the  Meri Meri design studio, perusing wildlife books for inspiration and asking children for input, our talented designers agreed that an octopus would make an absolutely brilliant toy for both girls and boys. Large, caring eyes and loooooong flowing limbs – such a fabulous combination! They then spent many weeks creating the perfect design. Next up, meetings with the team whose job it was to make the design a reality. What size and what colour should he be and what should he be called? We now reveal just how Cosmo came into being.

Big is better!

Our original prototypes of Cosmo were in several different sizes. But, in the end, we decided bigger is better! 32 inches long to be precise, that’s half a pony! What child (and adult!) could resist wrapping themselves in those arms? We know this from experience as when Cosmo visited people’s homes, to see how well he adapted to life outside the design studio, friendly family feuds commenced about whose turn it was to spend time with him! Apart from being really great to play with, he is also lovely to snuggle into – perfect for children who like reassurance at night-time. Whilst he was designed for little people, we suspect there may be lots of adults who'll want to be his friend! 

Blue like the sea

He’s blue, because it’s just the perfect colour for a sea creature. And not just any blue, he has a gorgeous shimmering metallic hue on his head and the tops of his arms. The undersides are a soft cream. He is crafted from top quality organic knitted cotton that is cuddly to touch, yet also durable – and environment and child friendly too! His large eyes are skilfully stitched – fantastic for staring competitions!

Cosmo - a fabulous name for a fabulous creation

Once he was created, then came the tricky job of naming him. Cue more hours of Meri Meri discussion! Was he an Ollie? Nope, too obvious. What about Orlando? Hah, that made us think of the actor Orlando Bloom, and he played an elf, not an octopus! Hang on, what about Cosmo? The cosmos is the sum total of everything – that’s pretty huge -  and our octopus is big and wonderful. Yes, the right fit!


After this long, loving process to create the best quality toy, Cosmo is ready to swim home to you! We hope you enjoy his company for many, many years to come . . .

Key points

  • Knitted organic cotton
  • Stitched features
  • Metallic blue thread detail
  • Product dimensions: 12.5 x 32 x 10 inches
  • $95.00

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