Pompoms are still so trendy, especially when you put them in your hair! We reveal how to create two perfect pompom hairstyles to wear to a party or any other special event.

Two Pompom Buns

1. Using a comb part the hair directly in the centre and run the comb down the head and all the way down to the back of the neck in order to get a straight parting.

2. Clip away one side of the hair to keep it out the way and put the other side into a high ponytail.

3. Repeat to make a high ponytail on the other side too.

4. Wrap the hair round in order to make a bun on both sides.

5. Using bobby pins, or another band, secure the bun.

6. Get your Meri Meri pompom clips and slide in around the buns, any way you like!

    Pompom Mohawk

    1. Get a handful of small hair elastics ready and part the hair with a section down the middle about 2-3 inches wide.

    2. Clip down the remaining hair either side so it doesn’t get in the way and take a bunch of hair from the very top in one section and tie it into a simple ponytail.

    3. Section off another part of hair the same size, underneath the first one, and tie another ponytail including the one above.

    4. Repeat all the way down working backwards towards the back of the neck.

    5. If needed, use bobby pins, or another band to keep everything secure.

    6. Grab your Meri Meri pompom clips and clip into the bands on each tied section.

      Both these hairstyles, and the step-by-step tips, were created for us by the talented hair and make-up artist Sophie Moore, represented by ERA Management.



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