Did you know your child’s zodiac sign may influence the party foods they like, the toys they enjoy playing with and their favourite colours? We’ve consulted with the stars and reveal some fun facts about your little celestial beings!

Pisces. 19th February – 20th March.

This sign is well known for having a sweet tooth. Mix up candy treats with delicious healthy sweet tropical fruits. Fruit kebabs are great for party food.

Little Pisceans may be on the introverted side, so they’ll enjoy alone time snuggling with blankets and cushions whilst they play with their favourite toys. They also tend to have imaginative dreams, so a dreamcatcher suspended near their bed will be a comfort to them.

Their colour is soft green, perfect to add a soothing touch to any room.

1. Cherries Velvet Cushion 2. Mini Astronaut Suitcase 3. Cherry Garland

    Aries. 21st March – 20th April.

    This star sign tends to love a big breakfast and enjoys starters and appetizers. Create tiny bites for them to get stuck into at home and parties.

    The go-getters of the zodiac, little Arians can be hard to keep still. Look for toys they can take on adventures, like our fabulous mini-dolls in delightful suitcases.

    Their colour is red, so add splashes of this vibrant shade to their room to add stimulation (not too much though, or your precious darlings won’t want to go to sleep!)

    1. Rainbows & Unicorn Art Print 2. Chloe Pegasus Toy

    Taurus. 21st April – 20th May.

    Little Taureans enjoy savouring tastes and smells and eating slowly. Creamy foods like quiche, tuna or chicken mayo sandwiches and chocolate mousse are great party food choices.

    This star sign loves home comforts, snuggling up with cushions and blankets, and regular peace and quiet to reflect on life. Soft toys they can play and chat with when they’re having ‘downtime’ will be great friends for them.

    The colours for this sign are pastel pink and pale blue – add something new to their room in these soft shades to help balance their senses.

    1. Cherry Gingham Bag 2. Pineapple Velvet Cushion
    3. Daisy Straw Bag (Coming soon) 

    Gemini. 21st May – 21st June.

    Little Geminians need for constant mental stimulation will keep them on the move, so they’ll enjoy regular snacks to fuel up. Good choices are vegetable crudites, oranges and blocks of feta cheese, and for parties have lots of finger foods.

    This star sign loves acting and drama, so they’ll benefit from a good dress-up box filled with imaginative costumes.

    They enjoy staying up-to-date on trends, so add fashionable designs to their room. Their colour is yellow, so they’ll find our funky velvet pineapple cushion really great fun.

    Cancer. 22nd June – 22nd July.

    This sign can be prone to having a sensitive stomach, so cook up comforting home cooked foods to keep your little Cancerian happy. Party food should be simple, like sandwiches and cookies.

    They are extremely charismatic, can be very funny and talented at impersonations! This is another sign that will benefit from a full dress up box so they can act in front of an admiring audience.

    The colours associated with this sign are silvery blue and smokey grey, perfect to add atmosphere to any bedroom.

    Leo. 23rd July – 23rd August.

    A fire sign. Little Leos tend to be quite dramatic about food – either loving or loathing certain meals. Meals, and party foods, with a wide selection of foods are best to play it safe!

    This sign will love lion toys, so fill their toy box with a safari of animals and our brilliant lion mane. A safari theme is also a great idea for their birthday party.

    The colour associated with this sign is a fiery yellowy orange. Add warm touches to their room and choose accessories for a sunshiny look.

    1. Velvet Star Cushion 2. Dragon Cape Dress Up 3. Lila Doll Necklace


    Virgo. 24th August – 23rd September.

    This sign tends to be fidgety – and therefore may find it hard to sit still for long meals! Small, frequent snacks throughout the day can help keep their energy levels up, especially at a party.

    Little Virgoans tend to be very loving. Choose a wide range of soft toys to play with so they can share their adoration amongst their fabric family.

    The colour associated with this sign is all shades of green. A really soothing colour that looks great in a boy or girl’s bedrooms, or a fabulous shade for party tableware.

    1. Chester Cat Toy 2. Mint Stripe Bow Hair Clip (Coming soon)
    3. Mini Lila Doll Suitcase

    Libra. 24th September – 23rd October.

    Little Librans love their food to look like a work of art. For parties, cut foods into interesting shapes and use cookie cutters to make amazing treats.

    This air sign tends to have a thirst for knowledge, which can stimulate a love of reading. So, fill their bookshelves! Our favourite children’s classics are The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Charlotte’s Web by E.B White, Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome and The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien.

    The colours associated with Librans are pink, pale blue and greens – choose accessories or home décor in these sensational shades.

    1. Velvet Heart Cushion 2. Woven Lion Bag 3. Robot Mesh Bag

    Scorpio. 24th October – 22nd November.

    Little Scorpios love foods that are satisfying and with really delicious aromas. Chocolate is a favourite treat! For party food serve yummy chocolate cookies and freshly cooked pizza.

    This sign tends to be pretty fearless, loves to try new things and go on adventures. Backpacks and mini suitcases are a great gift to transport their toys and items for explorations!

    The colours for Scorpios are deep red and maroon – strong colours for strong minded little people! Add touches of these shades to an outfit with accessories or to give a dramatic effect to a party setting.

    Sagittarius. 23rd November – 21st December.

    This sign tends to have a healthy appetite, enjoying lots of different fresh foods and needing regular drinks of water. For parties, they’ll adore platters of colourful fruit amongst the treats. Think of creating a fruit rainbow!

    Little Sagittarians are the clowns of the zodiac! They love to have fun (well, not all the time, they do have a philosophical side too which you can nurture!). This is another sign that loves to dress up, so invest in some new costumes.

    The colours associated with them are rich blues and purples – colours that will look great as accessories or in small areas of a bedroom to give balance.

    1. Mini Pirate Suitcase 2. Knitted Shark Scarf 3. Robot Belt

    Capricorn. 22nd December – 20th January.

    This sign can get quite upset if they don’t get meals on time – they like a schedule! They don’t tend to be adventurous eaters, preferring more traditional foods. Keep party food classic style – sandwiches, hot dogs and cupcakes will go down well!

    Little Capricorns tend to like to be organized, so notebooks are a great gift for their to-do lists and doodles. They can be quite serious, so encourage them to have fun with dolls and soft toys, acting out imaginative scenes.

    Colours associated with this star sign are dark green, grey, brown and black, the perfect shades for fabulous stylish accessories.

    Aquarius. 21st January – 18th February.

    This sign tends to be a very sociable eater – so party food with friends is right up their street. They may like to try new foods on a regular basis, so don’t be afraid to mix up the menu!

    Your little Aquarian is an air sign…and sometimes their other-worldly air makes it feel like they’ve floated down from space! These little brainboxes tend to love science, math and inventions. Robot and space toys are perfect for them!  

    Colours associated with this sign are bright blue and turquoise, gorgeous shades to add an uplifting touch to a bedroom. For parties choose our fabulous Under The Sea range.