The Food of Love

Make a Tasty Treat for Valentine’s Day 

A huge part of Valentine’s celebrations is the food of love! Delicious cakes and treats will make everyone feel full of joy. Check out our special heart-shaped cake – it’ll be the centerpiece of your table!

The Valentine’s Day Love Cake

Alice Wakefield from Maude + Marmalade ( and @maude.and.marmalade) created a special pink cake for us, made in the shape of a heart with the words “Love, love, love” on it.


To create this yourself you will need:

1. Your favourite cake sponge recipe – any flavour will do

Use a heart shaped cooking tin, or bake your cake as normal, then cut into a heart shape once it has cooled.


2. Delicious Frosting

Alice recommends you try a natural food colouring to get a subtle shade. One of her favourites is berry juice, which creates a beautiful blush pink tone. She uses frozen berries, raspberries and strawberries. Place a couple of handfuls of berries in a saucepan and slowly heat with a splash (1-2 tbsp) of water until thawed and starting to get juicy. Using a teaspoon, transfer a few spoonfuls of the liquid to a small bowl, ensuring no lumps are included. This liquid can then be used to add some fun to your frosting. Add a teaspoon at a time until you reach the color intensity you require, whipping all the while. Once happy, spread it thickly onto your cake.


3. Words of Love

The berry liquid can also be used to create edible writing for the top of your cake. Start with 2 tbsp of powdered sugar in a small bowl and mix in the berry liquid, one teaspoon at a time. Continue mixing until the icing becomes thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. If necessary, add a little more liquid/powdered sugar for the perfect writable consistency. Transfer the contents to a piping bag and write something sweet to show your love.


4. Sprinkles

Finish with a sprinkling of pastel sprinkles, for a slight ombré effect, around the edges of your cake. 

Cupcakes will look amazing too, especially when made with our Valentine’s Cupcake Kit. It includes paper rose and golden foil heart toppers, and gold and floral cases.

We have a great range of Valentine’s Day party supplies, including plates, cups, napkins and decorations. Check them out here