Meri Meri Studio has created a fabulous jewellery holder make for your kids. A fun activity and it’ll help tidy up their room too - double win! Also, if you want to buy jewellery as a gift, but are stuck what to get, then we’ve got a jewellery guide for you. Kids love jewellery, just as much as adults, but it can be hard to know what to buy as it is such a personal thing. 

Make a bunny jewellery holder

Do your kids keep getting their jewellery and hair accessories mixed up or lost? Problem solved! Our designers have created a bunny jewellery holder for them to make. It’s easy to do, looks amazing and works like a dream (and it makes a great gift to send to granny too!). Click here for the template.


Your jewellery gift guide

Find out what type of jewellery to buy as a gift to suit a special little one, depending on their personality and likes.

1. Outgoing and chatty

Buy jewelry in bold shades. Funky bright enamel or acrylic pendants are an excellent choice, like our fun popsicle necklace.

2. Quiet and calm

Why not opt for jewellery in pretty shades with charming designs? They’ll love our Secrets Book necklace, with a pink enamel bead chain.

3. On-trend

It’s a good idea to get jewellery with an on-trend design, like rainbows, flamingos, popsicles, cacti, pompoms or tassels.

4. Quirky

Look for a necklace that is different from the norm. They’ll love our doll necklaces, featuring beautiful fabric dolls dressed in sensational outfits with coloured enamel bead chains.

5. Adores animals

You can’t go wrong with a necklace with an adorable animal pendant, like cats, dogs, horses, elephants or sea horses.

1. Pink Stripe Bow Hair Clip 2. Matilda Doll Necklace 3. Secrets Book Necklace  4. Yep Nope Hair Clips 5. Happy Glitter Hair Clip 6. Sausage Dog hair Slides 7. Tropical Brooches 8. Magical Enamel Lapel Pins

6. Loves all things magical

A necklace with a fantastic creature will really resonate with them, like unicorns or mermaids.

7. Lots of necklaces already

If you’re unsure, then how about buying them a bracelet? It’s a great way to add color and style to any outfit, like our pink plaited friendship bracelet. Or what about a gift of hair accessories, we’ve got a wonderful range with lots of glitter, shimmer and shine? 

8. Physically active

Necklaces or bracelets are perhaps not a good idea because of the safety factor – you don’t want them getting tangled when climbing trees or doing handstands! Decorative pins and brooches, to accessorise clothing, are a better jewellery gift choice. We’ve got sensational ranges to suits girls and boys of all ages, click here and here.

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