Dress up like dolly!

Enter the World of Meri Meri, inspiration for playtime. 

Time to dress up with dolly

We have a range of matching dress up themes so little people can co-ordinate with their very best dolly friends: Confetti Tutus & Headbands, Superhero Dress Up, Mermaid Wrap Dress Up, Star Headdress, Unicorn Kits... and many more. 

Little Mermaids

Give your Meri Meri doll a whole new look with a different wardrobe. And beautiful mermaid dress-up kit will transform your little one into a gorgeous sea maiden. 

Superhero Dress Up

Transform your Meri Meri doll into a stunning superhero with this fabulous mini dress-up kit, and your little ones can co-ordinate with their own brilliant costume.

Made with Liberty fabric

Floral & Pearl Party Crown and Star Wand & Imogen Princess Doll. 

Luna Witch Doll

Your little one can co-ordinate with their very best dolly friends also in Halloween.