8 Fun Ideas for Sustainable Parties

To mark Earth Day, here’s eight sustainable and eco-friendly party ideas. From second-hand balloons to digital invites and renewable party favors, it’s time to get eco-minded with your planning!

1. Go Digital with the Invites

Planning a Pretty Princess Castle theme or Outer-space scene? Send a beautiful Meri Meri e-invite via Paperless Post.

2. Give Your Balloons a Second Home

See if anyone wants your used party balloons through the neighbourhood group chat or Nextdoor page. Mylar balloons will float for 2-5 days or can be refilled for future use.

3. Host a Toy Swap

Encourage each guest to bring a used toy to the party and leave with someone else's. Sharing is caring (for the planet too)!

4. Give Renewable Party Favors

Fill party bags with gifts that grow: think potted plants or a packet of seeds to encourage little green fingers at home.

5. Be Smart with Decorations

Wooden garlands! Felt bunting! Choose party décor that looks great in your home all year round.

6. Club Together for One Special Gift

Avoid unwanted gifts with an app like Purposit: this clever tool lets guests contribute to a quality present your child really wants or needs.

7. Make a Recycled Party Hoopla

Use left-over paper plates to create a cardboard hoopla game: simply follow this step-by-step guide by kids craft author Sydney Piercey.

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