Safety & Recall

Meri Meri - Lion Headdress, Item 143740
Batch Code Yiwu, China 12521
Sold between August 2021- December 2022.
Reason For This Recall:
This recall has been initiated due to discovery of flammability risk if product comes into contact with a naked flame.  
If product contact with open flames occurred & product became alight, there is a risk that use of this product could cause burns to head and face when worn by young children.
We recognize the appeal of this product to children especially those between the ages of 3-6 years old and as such feel that this product recall is a necessary precaution to prevent serious injuries to our younger customers.
What to do:
Consumers should immediately stop using this product and either return the product to the store from which it was purchased, or return the item directly to Meri Meri for a full refund of the purchase price. Note any return shipping cost will be pre-paid by Meri Meri. If returning directly to Meri Meri, please contact Customer Service via email at 
If you have already been in touch & returned your item, please ignore this email.
We thank you for your co-operation and apologise for any inconvenience.