Free Craft Activity: Back to School

You Will Need:

Lightweight cardstock or paper
Glue stick or sticky tape
Empty and washed tin can/s (or a small box works too)
Lots of pencils!

How to Make:

1. Wash your tin can and peel the labels off. Check there are no sharp edges.

2. Print out your choice of Desk Tidy and Pencil Topper designs.

3. Cut out the rectangular desk tidy cover. Check if your printable fits your tin - it should fit most but you may need to trim slightly.

4. Wrap the paper around the tin and secure with glue or sticky tape. Be careful to line it up neatly. If you don’t have a tin can, you can use any small box or pot instead.

5. Select your pencil topper designs. Cut out each one carefully with scissors. Fold the topper in half, using the fold guide lines, apply glue and secure to the top of your chosen pencil.

6. Now you can enjoy arranging your desk, writing area or homework station.

Have fun back at school!
We would love to see your Back-to-School creations. Please share them at @merimeriparty

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