Our talented designers have created a sensational Halloween Headpiece for your little ghouls and boys. Fun to craft and amazing to wear!


Your Halloween Crowning Glory

This remarkable crown has several classic Halloween icons to make it look truly terrific – a skull, raven, a wide-eyed tree, spiders, a bat, a ghost and the word ‘Wooo’!

Click here to download the free template

You can either draw the shapes onto black card, because it will use less ink and give a better finish, or you can print out the option with the shapes filled in.

You Will Need:

A printer, printable paper, black and white card, a measuring tape or a piece of string, a pencil, scissors, glue or double-sided tape.

Step 1.

Measure the circumference of your child’s head.

Step 2.

Lay the measuring tape/string along the edge of a piece of black card and mark your head measurement with a pencil.

Step 3.

Cut out the crown template, place it in the corner and draw around the top. Keep moving the template along and drawing around it until you reach your pencil marker. It is better to go slightly beyond the marker, so you have an overlap to glue together.

Step 4.

Cut along your pencil line, curve the crown into shape and glue.

Step 5.

Use the templates to draw as many Halloween shapes as you wish onto black and white card (or use the printable versions). Simply cut them out and stick them on.

Top Tips
  • For the spiders we wove some silver thread through the branches, and hooked the spiders on with their legs.
  • To make the feathers look more realistic fold them in half and cut slits along the edge.
  • Concertina the bat wings to add a 3D look.
  • If you want it to look as if your animals are sat in the branches, cut a small slit where you want it to sit and a small slit into the animal shape and slot them together.


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To make the crown extra special, you could add glitter stickers, fake gems, real feathers, googly eyes, or some characters of your own. Let your imagination go wild!

This Halloween crown looks fantastic teamed up with our Halloween Bat Wings Dress Up Kit, featuring black felt batwings and a bat ear headband.

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