Easter Fun Time

Make Easter fabulous fun with games the whole family will enjoy. Our Meri Meri designers have created an Easter Bingo game especially for you, just print it out and play. We’ve also got lots of other game ideas too.

Easter Bingo

This is brilliant game for everyone to play. Download and print our Easter Bingo templates. You can choose from colourful ones, or a monotone option that the kids can have a creative time colouring. Make sure you’ve got lots of little prizes ready too, candy and stationery work well.

6 Exciting Easter Games

Little people love to celebrate this special time of year with lots of amusing activities.

1. Easter Egg Hunt

This is the best game of all, with all those yummy candy treasures everyone has been looking forward to!

Use beautifully decorated signs to clearly point out the hunt route. Stick these in the ground or, if you’re indoors, into flower pots. You can also use clues or riddles and read them out to help little people find their eggs. If you’ve got pets, lock them safely away before you hide the eggs and do the hunt. Dogs like chocolate (but it can make them ill) and will sniff them out, and cats love bright shiny wrappers!

When you hide the eggs, make sure you’ve got an equal number for each child or be prepared for tantrums! Tell the children how many eggs they are looking for each, so they know when they’ve reached their quota. No munching on eggs until the hunt is over!

2. Easter Silly Commands

Fill plastic Easter eggs, or egg boxes, with Easter related commands written on pieces of paper. Make them as silly as you dare, like ‘shake your bunny tail’ or ‘hop around the room’.

Get each family member to pick a command in turn. The rest of the family can give marks out of 10 for how well they perform the command. The winner is the one with the most marks.

3. Bunny Pinata

Hitting a pinata, shaped like a bunny, is a great game for the kids (and adults!). Simply blindfold them, spin them around a few times in front of the pinata, and let them take turns to hit it until it spills the treats everywhere. Pinatas are also a brilliant craft to make at home, get the kids to help you out. Here’s a rather fabulous one to create.

4. Bunny Blindfold

Get the family to sit on the floor or at the table, with a piece of white paper and a pencil in front of each of them. Everyone has to tightly tie a blindfold over their eyes.

Draw a bunny head on the paper – no peeking! Start by drawing a circle, then draw two bunny ears on the top of the circle, and within the circle draw a bunny nose, eyes, mouth, teeth and whiskers. Remove your blindfolds and take a look at what you’ve created.

The person who has drawn the best bunny is the winner. It’s harder than it sounds – and can give some hilarious results!

5. Easter Egg Bowling

Set up a bowling alley in the house or in the garden. You’ll need a plastic mat (an exercise mat will work well) for the alley and place cushions on each side as the barriers. For the pins use plastic bottles (which you can decorate with bunny faces and paper bunny ears if you want) and for the ‘bowling ball’ use a plastic egg that has been weighted with dry rice or beans.

6. Bunny Hops

This very bouncy game will really burn off those Easter eggs! See how long each family member can hop for. Start with a timer set for 2 minutes. Count how many times everyone hops. The three players with the most hops move onto the next round, where they hop for a minute. The two players with the most hops can now have a ‘hop off’ where they hop energetically for 30 seconds. Who will be the winner?

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