Fabulous Flower Crafts

Your garden is full of potential for beautiful crafts to make with your kids. Our talented designers have created amazing butterfly wings, made with petals, leaves and flowers – they look so beautiful! We also have some other fun floral craft ideas too.

Make Fantastic Floral Butterfly Wings

First get your cardboard wings ready, then have a wonderful time in your garden picking the flowers to decorate them with. Here’s how to craft them – you will need cardboard, elastic, double sided tape and/or strong glue: (note, your kids will need some help with cutting and sticking).

These wings will only last a day, so enjoy them whilst you can and take lots of photographs to remember them. If you’re looking for wings that will last a lifetime, check out our Butterfly Dress Up Kit and Fairy Wings Dress Up Kit.

1. Butterfly Dress-Up Kit  2. Gold Star Wand 3. Reverse Sequin Wand
4. Fairy Wings Dress-Up Kit


3 Fabulous Floral Ideas

1. Fairies and flowers

A fairy party will be a wonderful imaginative treat for your kids. Set up a shelter in the garden, made with sheets, and bend long thin branches from a tree into a bough shape for them to sit under. Cover it with leaves and flowers. Put blankets on the ground for them to sit on, sprinkled with petals. Serve tasty treats fit for magical folk. Take a look at our gorgeous fairy party range.

2. Flower Cone

Take a piece of card, or stiff fabric, and fold it into a cone shape. Glue the sides down to stick together. Fill the cone with flowers or petals gathered from the garden, and place on the table to add a special touch to a meal.

3. Flower fun with toys

Give toys a fun treat by having a picnic in the garden with them. Set the scene by creating chains of flowers by pushing their stems through each other, this works well with daisies. Kids love to do this! Spread them on the ground and you can loop them onto the toys as necklaces too.

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