Festive Florals with Hazel Gardiner

4 Unexpected Ways to Add Florals to your Seasonal Décor

London’s star floral designer Hazel Gardiner shares her tips for DIY festive decorations 

Christmas is a time for inventiveness and experimentation and from my experience everyone is feeling much braver when it comes to DIY and crafting. Here are three unexpected ideas of how to bring flowers and greenery into your home during the festive period.

1. Create a Festive ‘Stairscape’

We all love a tablescape, but stairscapes are the big new trend for Christmas 2021. You can dress the corners of individual steps using a concreate plant pot as your vessel, or standard pots weighted with loose stones. Place a ball of chicken wire inside and fill with dried or fresh stems to create a natural and wild display following the line of the stairs. You can also attach a full and verdant garland of greenery straight onto your banister.

2. Dress the Tree with Natural Decorations

Make your own baubles using dried teasel, pinecones, oranges, poppy seeds and rose heads. Simply thread clear fishing wire through the stem or base and hang from your tree. Ivy makes the perfect natural garland, use eco colour spray to match it with your colour scheme and wrap it around your tree. Instead of a fairy, pop a dried posey of flowers on top of your tree.

3. Mix Up Your Wreath Design

Wreaths don’t have to be round! Create a half moon or crescent shape for a fresh take. Play with scale too, using hanger wire to create your own wreath base in an oversized, unexpected shape of your choice.

4. Lay the Table with Mini Tree Favors 

Instead of one large tree, opt for mini potted pine tree which can be decorated and lined up in multiples on a surface or mantelpiece. Hang name tags from them and you’ve created a decadent and unique place setting. Your guests can take them home to plant or display for the ultimate sustainable keepsake. 

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