Free Craft Activity: Circus Top Hats

A great party activity or at-home craft – make your own circus top hats with a signature Meri Meri twist! Download the free template to make yours now.

You Will Need:


Thin Cardstock

Wire for glitter shooting stars

Pom poms for decoration

Gold elastic band to tie around neck


Glue or Double-Sided Tape

Paper Scoring Tool (optional)


How to Make:

Step 1:

Cut out the three black templates to make the top hat.

Step 2:

Start with the hat base. Cut out the centre white circle and discard. Then cut along the tab lines. Fold the tabs up and apply glue to the outside of the tabs.

Step 3:

Apply glue to the tab on the rectangle and wrap it around the circumference of the upright tabs. Press the tabs inside the hat to make sure the glue is holding nicely.

Step 4:

Now for the top of the hat. Cut along the tab lines, fold them down and glue. Ease the tabs inside the top of the hat and press from the inside once in position.

Step 5:

Select a hat trim, wrap it around the hat and glue into place.

Step 6:

Choose your hat embellishments.

Stars - score, following the dotted lines, cut out, bend gently and glue on to the hat. If you have wire and glitter at home you can follow our shooting star design.

Feathers - score, following the dotted lines, cut out, bend gently, tuck into the hat trim and secure with glue.

Flowers - cut and glue the tab on the blue flower to give a 3d effect. Position the flowers and leaves and glue in place. Add pompoms to the centre of the flowers.

Step 7:

Finally, add a piece of elastic cord to fit the headpiece to your head. Around 45cm should be a comfortable size for most children. Carefully pierce the holes on the hat base, thread the cord through and knot each end.

Step 8:

Design and colour your own top hat using the blank templates. Add any other resources you have at home - sequins, gems, feathers, glitter… get creative

Step 9:

Share your hats on Instagram tagging @merimeriparty – we'd love to see what you’ve created!


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