Halloween Costume Ideas - What's Your Style?

The great thing about dressing up for Halloween is that you can choose a costume that really suits your personality. Here are our super favorites:

Mysterious and Creepy

If you prefer the dark side of Halloween, then black is the color for you and lots of night-time beasties and scary icons like bats, skeletons, black cats, witches and cobwebs. Add an elegant touch with shimmering hair accessories, like a black feather crown, Halloween glittery hair slides or a witch’s hat hair clip. Or quickly create a few surprising scary details with Halloween temporary tattoos like bats and black cats.

Pink and Pretty

Who says Halloween costumes have to be scary? It’s a brilliant time to wear something pretty. Iridescent colors look fabulous fluttering in the nightlight and glittering fabrics will sparkle and shine! Think fairy, princess or flower costumes, or add gorgeous accessories like a royal cloak or a pompom crown.

Not So Creepy Creatures

If you want a really exuberant look try wearing a stunning animal outfit, like a flamingo or swan with gorgeous tulle detail. Or if you’re a lover of mythical creatures why not be a sensational unicorn with a rainbow of colors, a gorgeous mermaid, a fabulous fairy or a dragon with shiny scales and lots of attitude!

Amazing Babies

Babies look so delightful when dressed up - it’s great to see little people transformed into cute characters and creatures! Terrific costume ideas for Halloween are baby bats (with wings made from soft felt), pumpkins, little red riding hood or a grannie or grandad costume with a white wig (simply make it from attaching cotton wall balls to a beanie) - the age reversal is a real mind bender! Or, you can simply adorn them with amazing accessories, like a princess crown or a floral headband and sparkly wand.

Friends Forever

If you’re feeling a little self-conscious about dressing up why not ask your friends to do a costume theme with you? You can have all the fun of creating your costumes to look fabulous when worn together. Classic costume friends themes are The Wizard of Oz or Peter Pan. Or perhaps go as a colony of bats to flutter around at Trick or Treat time!

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