Halloween Decorations to Die for!

Make your Halloween party look terrifyingly terrific. Read on for spine-tingling inspiration.

Front Door Frighteners

Set the tone for your party with front door decorations to thrill your guests, and visiting trick and treaters!

Raid the toy cabinet and push doll hands through the letter box. Lots of little fingers will give a fun, but slightly scary look!

Display colorful pumpkins by the door, and on the path leading up to the house. Instead of carving out designs, which can be tricky for little hands to do, how about decorating pumpkins with lots of glittery stickers instead? You can also spell out classic Halloween messages like, “Trick or Treat” and “Boo” and use Halloween icon stickers like spiders and bats.

Tie Halloween garlands, or strings of bat decorations, on to the front door.

Chilling Ceiling Creations

The more things you have dangling from the ceiling the better, they’ll provide lots of atmosphere, shadows and little scares as they brush into guests’ faces!

Balloons. Go for lots of black and orange balloons and any in the shape of scary creatures, like bats and spiders, will be a bonus!

Chandeliers and pinwheels. Create your own, from wire and paper with scary shapes, to hang from the ceiling, or check out our brilliant glittery bat chandelier and black and gold pinwheel decorations.

Cobwebs. Make lots of these with neon, black or white string tied onto the ceiling.

Hair-Raising Chairs and Tables

A simple way to make your party room look amazing is to drape all the chairs and party tables with lightweight white sheets or fabric. Use cord to loosely tie the fabric onto the chairs and onto the table. Add Halloween garlands to the tables for an extra touch.

Add a Bright Touch

It’s very on-trend to have a touch of colour at your Halloween party! An easy and effective way to do this is with party tableware, like our shimmering pink plates and napkins with Halloween icons and our iridescent ghost plates.

Dramatic Decorations

Horrible hands and creatures of the night. You can buy mannequin hands online (re-use them afterward to put jewelry on – gift them to your granny!) and place in the party room, and on the party table, for a scary touch. Paper ravens, bats, and spiders will look great too – make them out of paper mache as a pre-Halloween fun craft session with the kids.

Apothecary bottles and candlestick holders. Re-use wine, and other glass bottles, by removing the labels and putting on apothecary type labels (which you can hand design) with brilliant potion names. Your kids will love to help you with this! For example, “Werewolf Potion – a few drops will make you hairy and scary”, “Snake venom – drink this if you want to become a slithering serpent” and “Bat brew – this disgusting drink will help you flitter and skitter”. Another perfect Halloween decorative use for empty wine bottles is as candlestick holders for black candles. Paint the bottles first, leave to dry, place the candles and light before the party so they can drip down the side of the bottles for effect. Leave lit or unlit depending on the age of your guests, best to avoid flames if you have lots of little people rushing around!

Super skeletons. No Halloween party is complete without skeleton decorations - the bigger the better! Prop them against a wall, leave them peeking out from under the table, or sit them on chairs.

Stick surprises. Simply gather large sticks from your garden and spray paint green, black or silver. Prop up in the corners of the room, and bundle together and tie with ribbon to look like a witch’s broom.

Scary portraits. Black and white, or sepia, pictures, in old frames, can make a room look really creepy! Get your kids to pose for some Halloween portraits before the party. Play around with the color filters, print out and frame. The more ghastly their expression the better! If they want to dress up too it’ll be even more fun, like wild hair and black lipstick.

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