Free Craft Activity: Hobby Horse Play Companion

Let’s ride! Create this charming hobby horse with your kids to accompany them on their imaginative adventures.

Hobby Horse:

You Will Need:

A printer
Lightweight card
Glue stick
Sticky tape
Thick dowel or a bamboo cane
Ribbon or trim
Safety pin (optional for the rosette)

How To Make A Hobby Horse:

1. Print out the pages for your chosen horse.

2. Use scissors to carefully cut around the horse heads, ears, mane and forelock.

3. Glue the two halves of the horse head together, placing your stick or dowel in-between (you can secure the stick with sticky tape).

4. To make the mane, glue the two halves together, so that the coloured side is facing out. Use the lines as a guide for cutting the mane. Fold the forelock in half and then in half again.

Alternatively, you can use coloured tissue paper, crepe paper or wool for the mane.

5. Position the mane and forelock on one side and add glue. Glue the ear and place in between the mane and forelock, hiding the joins. 

6. Repeat on the other side, taking care to line everything up.

7. If you wish, you can attach a length of ribbon or trim for some reins. Secure with a glued gold circle on each side.

Once you’ve finished making your new companion, why not make a rosette for you or your horse to wear as a fun accessory?

Rockin' Rosettes:

1. Print out the rosette pinwheel template.

2. Carefully cut out and gently score the dotted lines.

3. Fold the scored lines in a concertina fold.

4. Glue the end tabs, pinch the middle of the concertina, and join the end tabs together to make a pinwheel. Hold it together to keep it from popping open.

5. Once secure, cut out a ribbon backer, apply glue and stick to the back of the pinwheel.

6. Cut out a front disc and glue to the front of the pinwheel.

7. Use sticky tape to secure a pin on the back so that you can wear it as a badge. Be careful, safety pins are sharp! Ask a grown-up for help with putting it on.

Horse Party


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