King’s Coronation Decorations

Celebrate the coronation of King Charles III with our collection of free printable designs. Whether you’re joining a street party or hosting a tea party, we have decorations that are fit for a King!

The Set Includes:

• A Poster
• Bunting

• Hand Flags
• Big Cake Toppers

• Cupcake Toppers
• Coronation Charades

You Will Need:

A printer
Paper or lightweight card
Sticky tape
String or ribbon
Round wooden sticks/skewers/cocktail sticks for cake toppers and hand flags

How to Make: Bunting

A British party isn’t complete without some bunting! Print out the bunting pennants (enough for the length of string or ribbon that you have chosen). Cut out each pennant, fold the white tab behind the pennant and attach to the string or ribbon with some glue.

How to Make: Hand Flags

Print out and cut out the flags. Fold the white tab behind the flag, add glue and attach to a wooden stick. Hand out to guests as they arrive or use on the table as decorations.

How to Make: Posters

This poster makes a wonderful decoration for the Coronation weekend. Print out and pin up on a wall or window or even the front door.

How to Make: Cake Toppers

Are you planning to bake a big Victoria Sponge cake or some Coronation cupcakes? Perhaps you could organise a Coronation Bake Off?! Use our cake toppers to adorn your cakes and make them extra special. Print out the toppers and attach them to wooden sticks using glue or sticky tape. Be careful if you are using cocktail sticks – they can be sharp!

How to Make: Coronation Charades

Organise a fun game of charades with your family and friends. Cut out the charades cards, fold them in half and place in a bowl or a hat. The first player draws a card from the hat and acts out the word or phrase without speaking, lip movements or pointing at objects. Whoever guesses the word or phrase wins and becomes the next actor. If playing with a big group, you can divide into teams and keep score!

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