Making Magic! Wizard Party Activity Ideas

Meri Meri’s Vanessa De Mata shares her fun magic potion recipes

If anyone knows about making magic it’s Vanessa De Mata, the Venezuelan party shop owner, mother of three, and creative brains behind many of Meri Meri’s inspiring videos (just take a look at her Instagram @play_yaya to see her fun creations). We couldn’t think of anyone better to help us inject some magic into our new wizard-inspired collection. Together we’ve created two fun magic-making activities for you to try at home.

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Vanessa De Mata, Play Yaya and Meredithe Stuart Smith, Founder of Meri Meri

“When I make a video I always try to harness my inner child’s imagination – it helps me find the most ingenious way to present a product.”

Vanessa De Mata, Meri Meri

Magic Party Activity Ideas

The Science Experiment

You Will Need:

• Baking soda
• Dish soap
• White vinegar (add blue food colouring for extra magic!)

How to Create:

1. Add some baking soda to a container – we used a Making Magic Star Cup.

2. Then add the dish soap so it covers the baking soda.

3. Finally add white vinegar and watch the amazing reaction!

Top tip: We cut the labels off our Making Magic Potion Bottle Plates to use them as labels for the bottles.

“Any kind of magic ‘trick’ will go down well at a children’s party. The colour-changing lemonade is perfect for bringing that extra something – I would serve it with wizard cupcakes. Cupcakes are never missing from my table!”

Vanessa De Mata, Meri Meri

The Colour-Changing Lemonade

You Will Need:

• Red Cabbage
• Ice
• Lemonade

How to Create:

1. Boil the cabbage in a pan of water. Wait until the water turns red, then set aside the cabbage.

2. Add ice to a glass and fill half with lemonade.

3. Add the red cabbage water and watch the drink change color!

Top tip: Decorate with Making Magic Large Bug Confetti

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