Make a Fabulous Father’s Day Card

A sensational card is the perfect way to say you care. It’s even more wonderful if your kids craft it especially for their dad. So, our creative designers have made a charming card to make that will really delight. We also share our top tips on how to make Father’s Day extra fun this year.

Create the Card

Homemade cards are super special. This one includes a daddy bear and cub on a camping trip, eating burgers and getting ready to cook marshmallows over a campfire, with the caring words “Dad, I couldn’t bear to be without you.”

Not only is it a card, but the stand-up characters can be displayed for a great effect too. The card has a coloring in option if you want to make it even more of a craft project.

You Will Need:

• Printable card (we used 160g weight), or paper to be glued onto card
• Scissors


Step 1: Print (on the best printer quality setting) and cut out the 5 pieces – the tent, the bears on the log, 2 x the campfire and the envelope.

Step 2: Fold the tent in half then fold in the tent doors. Use the tent as your card and write your message inside.

Step 3: Fold the bears on the log twice to enable them to stand up.

Step 4: Slot the campfire together.

Step 5: Glue or tape the side flaps of the envelope. Fold them back, then fold up the back section to stick to them. Once your card is inside, stick the top flap down and you are ready to send/give your wonderful card.

Five Fantastic Ideas for Father’s Day Fun

• Go for a bike ride. Plan a route that everyone in the family can do, and take lots of yummy snacks and treats for refreshment along the way.

• Build something together. A den in the garden or perhaps something with building blocks. You’ll make memories as well as being creative.

• Play a game of mini golf. Set up a course in your garden. Be as inventive as you like to make it as tricky as possible. Use plastic bowls to aim the ball into. Don’t forget to make little cards to write the scores on, and numbered cards to place at each ‘hole’ in the garden. If you don’t have any golf clubs or golf balls, then sticks and a little ball (or rolled up paper sealed with tape) will do.

• Why not recreate the image on the card? (well, you don’t have to dress up as bears….not unless you really want to!). Set up a tent in your garden for a sleepover, light a fire and get those burgers cooking and marshmallows roasting.

• Make dad lots of yummy cupcakes with colorful toppers. We’ve got a great range of cupcake sets and also plates and napkins to serve them with. Or why not create your own cupcake toppers? See our blog post with templates to print off and color.

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