Free Craft Activity: Ballerina Jewellery Box

Ideal for holding keepsakes, trinkets, and jewellery, our beautiful ballerina jewellery box is easy to make and perfect for young ballerinas! Using our free template, create this jewellery box on a rainy day with your little one, or make a few more to offer as party favours during a ballerina birthday party.

You Will Need:

• Printer
• Thin card stock
• Scissors
• Glue or double-sided tape
• 2 x pieces of ribbon (22cm long)
• Ruler & paper scoring tool (optional)

How to Make:

Watch the video for easy step-by-step instructions. Not loading? Click here to fix it.


1. Print onto card stock and cut out all of the pieces.

2. Lay a ruler along the dashed lines and use a paper scoring tool to crease the card stock. (This step is optional, but it will make your card easier to fold and give a crisp finish!).

3. Punch out the holes in the cardboard using a paper scoring tool or a sharp pencil with a piece of tac underneath.

4. Start by folding up the sides on the 'Box Base' and gluing into place. Thread one of the ribbons into the hole and knot on the inside.

5. Fold the ‘Lid' panels downwards and glue to the back of the 'Box Base'.
Thread the 2nd ribbon through the hole in the ‘Lid' and knot.

6. Place the 'Lining Panels' inside the 'Box Base'.

7. Stick the ‘Backdrop' to the reverse side of the ‘Lid'.

8. Fold the ‘Stage' as shown in the diagram and place into the 'Box Base'.

9. Fold the panel on the ‘Ballerinas' inward and and stick to part B of the ‘Stage'.

10. Fold and glue the ‘Support’ as shown.

11. Finish your ballerina jewellery box by writing your name (or guest’s name) in the frame on top of the lid.

And now you have an elegant ballerina jewellery box that your future ballerinas will adore! Why not add a few surprise treasures, such as our bow hair clips, available in a multitude of wonderful designs and fabrics, or some fun Temporary Tattoos?


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