Looking for fun craft activities for your little people? Our talented designers have crafted an amazing Harry paper doll for everyone to enjoy. They’ve also created Ruby, Matilda, Carolyn and Lila paper dolls – do check them out in our stories section (so you can make several friends for Harry to play with).

Harry Loves to Travel

Harry is a real adventurer and enjoys exploring the world and going on marvellous holidays – perfect for imaginative play!

Play paper doll dress up with our wonderful designs.

Download our Harry printable paper doll template and 2 pages of his clothes and accessories onto card (or print onto normal paper and stick onto card) Click here to download.

He comes with a sensational suitcase which you can make, then fill, with all his favourite things needed for the perfect get-away – including clothes, suntan lotion, a camera, a mask and snorkel, binoculars, bucket and spade, sunglasses, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Here are the instructions on how to make his suitcase:

Step 1: Print onto card, and cut around the suitcase and handle.

Step 2:  Fold along all of the dashed lines.Step 3: Put glue or double-sided tape on the tabs and stick into position following the printed arrows.

Step 4: Stick on the handle.

Create Harry’s Many Looks

As well as travelling and going to the beach, Harry loves performing magic shows and comes with an amazing star-sprinkled cape, top hat and wand. He also loves to pretend to be a pirate and has a fabulous pirate hat and striped top. He enjoys taking photographs whilst on walks on cooler days, so has a woolly hat, gloves and sweatshirt to stay warm in.

Keep all his clothes and accessories neat and tidy in his suitcase when he’s on his travels. Then, when at home, if you prefer you can hang them onto a neat little washing line (see our Ruby blog for details).