10 ship-shape ideas for the perfect pirate party

Ahoy me hearties, with a little clever preparation you can transform your house, or any venue, into a swashbuckling scene that will take the lucky birthday boy or girl’s breath away! It’s not just about buying essential party supplies such as balloons and garlands, but also getting creative with those extra special touches that make all the difference. Investigate crafts, games, foods and gifts to really rev up the pirate party fun factor! We’ve got 10 fantastic ideas for you.

1. Borrow a small boat or blow-up dinghy if you can for a real ‘WOW’ centerpiece. Little ones will adore clambering in and out, and pretending to sail the seven seas. Or, if that’s not an option, make a large ‘boat’ or several smaller boats from cardboard. This one is just brilliant.

If your little one has any ocean-themed toys scatter them around the boat for extra appeal. Do take a look at our gorgeous soft-toys, including Otto and Milo Narwhal.

2. Create a treasure chest out of a wooden box and give guests maps to find the prizes. Here’s a simple one to make. Fill it with gold coins (don’t panic, chocolate ones will do!) and party favors like pirate temporary tattoos..

3. Place blue paper on the floor to transform it into the beautiful briny sea. You can put paper plates on it and tell guests to hop from one to the other to avoid the ‘sharks’ in the water. Draw sharks on the sheets/paper, or simply let them use their imaginations. In fact, having a sea-themed room is great for fun games, like Pin The Eyepatch On The Pirate or Walk The Plank.

Look here for more inspiration.

4. Every pirate needs a good telescope to look for treasure and ships to plunder, so set up a table with everything your guests need to create one. It can be as simple as supplying thin cardboard sheets to roll up and lots of sticky tape to hold them together. Or create ones that really look fabulous and are perfect to take home as a keepsake. Check out this simple step-by-step.

5. A pirate hat is an essential! For guests who haven’t come with one you can very simply rectify this. Either buy some brilliant pirate party hats or get your guests to make some (just don’t leave behind any glitter and paint as your party tidy up time will increase tenfold!).

Here’s a brilliant step-by-step that will look amazing.

6. Hang on, don’t forget a pirate patch! No self-respecting pirate should be looking at the world with two eyes! Buy some eyepatches for your guests to put on or print some out beforehand and pop them on the craft table, along with some thin elastic and colored pencils, to help them create their own. This is a good template.

7. Every pirate needs a trusty sword for protection. You don’t want any of your guests to get hurt when spirits run high, so making lightweight paper swords is definitely the way to go. Once again add everything they need on to your craft table. Try this step-by-step idea that only takes five minutes.

8. Set the scene with some pirate themed music for the little sailors to listen, or dance to, whilst playing games or partying. Create a playlist, songs like What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor, Banana Boat Song, the theme from the Pirates of the Caribbean and many more…Or you can play The Ultimate Pirate Kids Party cd.

9. The party table is where you can really let the theme come to life, after all pirating is very hungry work! Transform the table with themed plates, napkins and cups, and lots of yummy cupcakes.  Check out our brilliant range

You can get really creative with the food you serve, giving it a real ocean and pirate touch. All hands on deck for treasure map pizza! Check this out for some more yummy ideas. Don’t forget to top the pirate cake with some fabulous candles, like our sensational skull & crossbones examples.

10. Last, but not least, send the tired, but happy, little pirates home with a party bag brimming with amazing pirate-themed party favors like temporary tattoos and decorated pins to wear for days to come.

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