Give your friends a Valentine’s hug!

These sweet Valentine’s huggers are perfect for handing out to friends, classmates, and family.

You Will Need:

Lightweight card
Glue stick
Optional thread/cord to hang the accessory

How to Make a Valentine’s Hugger:

1. Choose your design and print onto lightweight card.

2. Carefully cut out the animal shape, tail and a pair of arms or wings.

3. Fold the animal arms or wings along the dashed lines to make the hug! Glue the arm backers on.

4. Now fold the other dashed lines so the animal sits up.

5. Add the tail by folding and then glueing to the base of the back in a central position.

6. Choose an accessory for your animal to hold and cut out. Each animal comes with an accessory, but there is a page of alternative accessories to choose from.

7. You can hang the squirrel’s acorn and leaf around his neck by carefully punching a hole and tying with thread. Hearts could also be attached this way.  

8. There is an option from the alternative accessory sheet to add your own message to a heart, fold it up and pop inside a mini envelope for your animal to hug.

9. Each animal can be given/sent in a regular sized envelope. To make the envelope, glue or tape the side flaps. Fold them in, then fold the back section up and stick down. Once you have put your animal in the envelope, stick down the top flap and you are ready to give/send.

Make your Hugger even more exciting by including a little gift such as a wrapped chocolate heart or lollipop.

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