Free Craft Activity: Fairy Garden

Create a miniature world of magic with our fairy garden template – from fairy garden houses to exquisitely illustrated fairies and insect companions, we have everything you need to create a wonderful fairy-inspired scene. The perfect unplugged summer activity to do with the whole family!

You Will Need:

Lightweight card
Glue stick
Sticky tape
Cocktail sticks/skewers or small twigs
Wire for butterflies (optional)

How To Make:

Decide where you will create your fairy garden – will it be inside or outside? Find a special place in your back garden or a nearby woodland area if you would prefer a more authentic fairy garden (but laminate your accessories to make them weatherproof!). If you would prefer a fairy garden that you can maintain from inside your house, use a basket, tray, or other decorative container.

Ask an adult for help with this next bit, as lots of cutting out and gluing is involved! Once you’ve prepared your fairy garden accessories and fairy characters, use your imagination to get creative with your fairy garden setup.

1. Print out the Fairy Garden pages.

2. Carefully cut around the fairies. Use sticky tape to attach a small stick to the back of each fairy. Be careful if you are using cocktail sticks – they can be sharp!

3. Now cut out toadstools and fairy signs. Again, attach sticks to the back with sticky tape so they can stand upright in the garden.

4. Choose bugs, butterflies and flowers to cut out. You can either attach a stick to the back of these accessories or just place them amongst the garden.

5. Fairy Bunting – cut out the diamond shapes and fold them in half. Glue them along a length of thread or string. Hang in your garden between sticks or branches.

6. Fairy Houses – cut out the house rectangle, fold along the dashed line (colour to colour) and cut the vertical lines. Curve the rectangle into a tube shape, add glue to one side and stick together.

Now cut out a roof. Cut the black line into the centre of the circle, add glue to the white tab, curve and stick. Attach the roof and base by gluing the tabs and pressing together gently.

Now it is time to create your fairy garden! Choose from a selection of natural treasures to match your fairy garden theme, such as rocks and small plants for a woodland fairy, seashells and sand for a beach theme, or plenty of butterflies and mushrooms for a backyard fairy scene – the possibilities are endless.

Can you make other fairy accessories using surrounding objects, such as a swing from string and a twig, a table and chairs from rocks, or a fairy bed from plants?

Now Make a Flower Fairy!

Print out the fairy colouring page and use pencils or crayons to colour the fairy in. If you want to create a unique fairy character, adorn her with flower petals and leaves from your back garden. What’s your fairy’s name?

We would love to see your fairy garden creations. Please share them at @merimeriparty on Instagram.

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