Make Your Own Tabletop Easter Scene

Looking for fun Easter craft activities? This free, downloadable template provides you with a beautiful egg hunt scene that acts as a table centerpiece this Easter. Hide small eggs amongst the flowers for your kids to hunt before Easter lunch – interactive yet stylish, this craft will lead to hours of imaginative play!

You Will Need:




Glue or double-sided tape

Tack or plasticine

A darning needle or push pin

String or bakers twine

Pompoms, tissue paper (optional)


1. Cut out all pieces and glue onto some card.

2. As shown on the image below, fold the four foliage sections of the scene, so that there is a flap on each to allow it to stand up.

3. Each bunny has a front and back and a little stand. Glue both sides onto some card and cut the slots for the stand. Add a pompom tail if you like!

4. The fence has a front and back. Glue onto some card and cut out. You can fold it wherever you like at a right angle so that it can stand up.

5. For the bunting, cut a length of string or bakers' twine, and arrange the paper flags with the string along the middle and then glue and fold around the string - as shown on the diagram below. Tie this onto the fence.

6. For the Easter Egg Hunt sign, punch two holes using some tack and a needle or pencil, and thread through some string or bakers twine. Hang this over the fence.

7. Fold the baskets into shape by following the instructions on the sheet. Don’t forget to add the handle and line the baskets with some tissue paper if you like.

8. Arrange the whole scene on a table and you’re ready for Easter!

Pair with pastel gingham napkins for a fun Easter look, or our Ditsy Floral tableware for an elevated tablescape that will create a picture-perfect celebration. Happy Easter!


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