Create a Haunted House

Make your home look Halloween ready with lots of sensational scary and eye-catching decorations. Here are our top 5 tips.

1. Entrance Hall Horrors

Even if you don’t have guests around, it’s still a brilliant idea to make your entrance hallway look amazing as it’s the opening into your haunted house. Balloons look fabulous tied on and above doors, like our sparkly bat foil balloons and giant spider balloons. Place Halloween heads in the windows, like Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula and skulls, for an eerie effect. Make them out of card and colour in. Add lots of shiny foil to add shimmer at night, like our sparkly silver mylar tape.

2. Creepy Corridors 

Children will love a terrifying thrill when they peek around corners and zoom along corridors. We recommend hanging decorations from the ceiling, that they need to avoid bumping into. Check out our scary ghost decorations and hanging bat decorations. Lots of fake cobwebs and spiderwebs are a must too!


To make cobwebs:

Stretch out cotton ball pieces until thin and spray with hairspray to stick them together. Place on brick walls or hang from lights.

To make a spider web:

Place two pipe cleaners on top of each other, and twist together to make ‘arms’ in an X shape. Twist a third pipe cleaner once around the centre of the X to make two more ‘arms’. Ensure each of the six ‘arms’ extending from the centre are even. Wrap a 3 foot long piece of cotton thread around the ‘arms’ in a spiral pattern. Add a dab of glue at the thread twists to help keep them in place. Tie the thread into a knot once you’ve finished the spiral, and create a loop at the top of the cobweb for you to easily hang it.

For more spiderweb and cobweb ideas go here.

3. Party Room Portraits 

Haunted houses are always full of scary portraits to give lots of atmosphere. Print out or draw freaky faces and put them in frames. Or hang up our Halloween motif frame plates featuring Dracula, Luna Witch, Midnight the black cat and a Jack o’ Lantern. Lots of candles are a great way to add a scary illumination to the portraits. Pop them into mason jars, which you can cover on the outside with cobwebs or black lace. For more Halloween candle decoration ideas go here. You can also decorate toilet roll inners and tape electric candles on top for a ‘fake candle’ look, which is safer if you’ve got very little people in the house.

4. Piñata Party Time

A piñata is excellent as a decoration and a fun way to get candy too! Why not make your own as a great craft project with your kids? Here’s how to make a Frankenstein Monster piñata and a Jack o’ Lantern piñata. Or, if you don’t have the time or inclination to make one, take a look at our wonderful witch piñata with lots of shimmering holographic foil.

5. Sticker Solutions

A set of Halloween themed stickers can give you a multitude of decorations – pop them onto pumpkins, candlesticks and posters. We’ve got glittery stickers  or ones with fun googly-eyes.