Flower Power

Flowers are fabulous for craft making – whether you use real ones or paper designs. We’ve created a beautiful 3D floral headband to look sensational at summer parties, and rounded up two other flower makes that your kids will love too.

Craft a Floral Headband

This summery headband will make you look fantastic for a garden party or can be the finishing touch for your floral costumes!

You Will Need:

• A printer
• Scissors
• Printer paper or thin card
• Colored paper or card
• Pompoms, beads or buttons to embellish
• A gold pen or foiled gold paper/card (optional)

Step 1:

Print out the flowers and leaves onto paper or thin card and cut them out.

Step 2:

Cut a thin strip of colored paper/thin card to make the headband. Make sure it is long enough to go around your head.

Step 3:

To create a 3D effect with the flowers, fold the flower in half one way, and then open it up and fold it in half the other way. For the flowers with more than 4 petals, simply fold the petals another two times until all the petals have a crease line in them.

Step 4:

Overlap the flowers by putting one on top of another and finish by adding a pompom, bead or button in the center. Alternatively, you could cut out circles of gold paper or card and stick these down or add some gold pen.

Step 5:

Each leaf has a front and back. Stick the two pieces together and fold the leaf in the middle at a slight angle.

Step 6:

Now assemble your headdress by sticking on the leaves and flowers. Stick the ends of the headband together and it’s ready to wear.

Construct Flower Butterfly Wings

Create wings, made from fresh flowers, with this design made by our talented team. Visit our 'Flower Crafts' blog for more details. Perfect to do at a party as a craft, or for summer fun with your kids.

Make a Floral Garland

Make an indoor, or outdoor, party look amazing with our floral garland crafted from beautiful paper flowers. View our 'Mother's Day Flowers' blog for more details.

If you want a party to look floral fantastic, then we’ve got lots of gorgeous floral plates, napkins and cups everyone will love, including roses and delicate pastels.

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